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Time For The Annual Construction Gift Giving Guide

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This construction gift giving guide suggests thousands of ideas for giving the perfect construction person, the perfect construction gift. It’s all updated for the 2015 holiday season, although many of the items in this construction gift giving guide will serve you well any time of the year.

Once again it’s the time of the year to wander around the Internet and find some unique gifts for people who work in construction. I tend to focus on useful construction gifts ever since a gift I once gave to someone came back to me as a re-gift the following year. There is more than one reason construction gifts are re-gifted, but I think the main reason is that they are useless to the receiver.

The Realities of Construction

Construction people turn building plans into three-dimensional objects. So, they need and like all kinds of tools. Not just screw guns and cut-off saws, but reference tools and calculating tools as well. Construction people also work in all kinds of conditions. Day, night, rain, fog, snow, ice, dazzling sunshine and in and around structures that are in all stages of completion. So, they need things that help them stay comfortable without sacrificing flexibility, safety and mobility.

The Value in Knowing Your Giftee

Some construction people work for companies, while others are the company. If your giftee is a self-employed contractor, carpenter, plumber, electrician, or painter (just to name a few) then the number of appropriate gifts expands significantly since they don’t have a company supplying tools of the trade to them.

There are also many different kinds of construction people. Some drive the nails and finish the concrete, others estimate, plan and schedule, while others manage. Buying a screw gun for a project manager is like buying a typewriter for a CEO. They probably aren’t going to use it, and if they need one they can probably get one, or already have one. Which brings me to the final caution when buying gifts for construction people.

There’s no point in getting them things that would normally be supplied to them as part of their work. One exception would be personalized items. So, for what it’s worth, here’s this years’ construction gift giving guide that will hopefully give you some ideas about what gifts might be useful to the construction people, or person in your life.
Ideas and Links

Code books, construction management books, how to books, construction cost guides, digital takeoff tools, construction calculators, electrical meters, distance measuring devices, and more technical references and tools are here, here, here and here.

Clothes, boots, gloves, safety equipment, tool belts, knee pads, heat packs, cooling gear and much more for keeping construction people comfortable and safe are here,  here,  here and here.
These are unique containers called VSSLs (vessels), but they’re also flashlights, and so much more. No self respecting outdoorsy kind of person should leave home without one.

Here’s a way cool flask.

And, here’s the rest of the VSSL lineup.

Tough Watches are here, and

tough cases and accessories for phones are here and here,

while tough cases for cameras and photo are here.

With the increasing use of tablets on construction sites you might consider tough cases and accessories for them, right here.

And, even though tablets are super popular, laptops still rule. Check out the toughness additions and accessories for them right here.

Tools are always popular additions to the construction person’s arsenal, so consider tool kits like this right here.

Use this link for power tools,

this one for power tool accessories,

and this one for great ideas on how to store and secure all those power tools.

And, everybody could use a multitool, right? See them right here


Not Serious

Let’s not forget though to have some fun. How about a Walking Dead prison cell construction set, or remote controlled construction equipment, or even model kits. See a wide assortment right here and here. Don’t forget to check out some of the drones too, right here.

You can get wild and tame belt buckles here. Money clips, and wallets here, Keychains here, and an assortment of imprinted items right here, and here.

If you know of a unique gift idea for construction people, leave a comment. Of course, some construction people may not want anything construction-related. For that, you’re on your own.